SPECIAL NOTICE:  Many of you have seen our post on Mike Adam's Health Ranger website and are inquiring about the canopy RF shield product.  We have existing shielded fabric we use for our clothing line but are currently looking for a better quality fabric for specific use on canopies.  The silver fabric we are designing is not only antibacterial it provides greater shielding and is available on on a mesh fabric. The prices we have found in the past on other similar mesh fabrics are ridiculously high. Our current supplier is going to custom make a new fabric for our intended purpose and we have a great price point on that purchase as long as we order in bulk.  Pre orders would really help us make that happen at the lowest possible price.

If you want an RF shield canopy I highly recommend you advance order. Right now you should send us your email address and as soon as we have a final price on the canopies we will inform you what they will cost, how long it will take to produce and where you may order.  It will take several weeks to produce the new fabric and send us samples, so please be patient. If you simply can not wait we are ready to use the existing fabric or the more expensive mesh fabric from our local supplier and manufacture a custom canopy for you now.

You may also choose to purchase the fabric and have a custom drape company install the fabric over your bed.  Call us for prices and samples of our existing fabric.

Call if you have any questions 

Thanks for all the interest and be safe!

Besmillah r-Rahmani r-Raheem,

As-salaamu alaikum,

We are a small privately owned company and label dedicated to developing the finest and most noble custom clothing on the market today. The grandeur and majesty of the Ottoman Empire was well represented in the clothing worn by the Sultans and Nobles of this glorious era.  Refined clothing that exemplified the honor and dignity inherent in a real human being. Clothing that protects as well as glorifies the person wearing these noble garments.
Our Exclusive RF Protective Shield Design
Exclusive at Ottoman Clothiers with our Patent Pending Protective Pocket Design.


Our coats, vests and some shirts all come with a protective shield pocket - a special cotton, copper and nickel fabric lining sewn into the garments pocket to shield your cell phone, your credit cards and your passport from electronic tracking and spying technologies. If you want to be out of range, unable to be tracked or contacted, simply slip your cell phone into the shielded pocket and you are off the grid and out of range.  No longer can your movements be traced. Want back in range?  Switch to the non-shielded pockets and your phone will operate normally again.  Now you have the excuse of saying, "I must have put my phone in my shielded pocket". We also offer a total protective lining shield in our coats and vests for people who understand the very real dangers of WIFI, Microwave Frequencies and Radiation. Read More  This is a must have item for all you frequent flyers.

We are not a mass producer of clothing. We make clothing that helps and protects people from harmful RF signals. When you love and admire someone, then it is best to dress and act like those people. If emulating western styles and western customs, you should feel sad. Some of you have no choice, as most of us are slaves to a western system.  To the extent you can break away from that, you must strive to do so, even if it is just when you attend the congregational prayers or are in your own home.

For those of you who want to fit in, we can modify the design to have narrow sleeves.

While our clothes are a little more expensive than mass produced garments, the quality of the fabric, stitch, buttons and workmanship and RF shielding provides for a garments that will last a lifetime as well as protect you.

Our clothes are all currently being produced made to order and we employ many at home workers who can earn extra income for their families. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied we are happy to refund your purchase price.


1 - Select the Best Fabric

Go to our Fabric Page or order through Fabric.com   When ordering from Fabric.com send your fabric selections to:

PO BOX 705
Old Mystic, CT  06372

Nothing substitutes actually feeling the fabric, so you may want to visit your local fabric store and make your selections with the help of the staff. They should be happy to take your measurements as well. Simply do a "fabric store" search on Google for your area.  We also have some fabric in stock and know what fabrics work best. You could provide us with a general color scheme and permit us to select the fabrics. If you are not completely satisfied you can return the item with a money back guarantee.

If you need help determining how much fabric you will need for your clothing items consult the material chart or give us a call at:


2 - Review some items from our Ottoman Collection:  

        Gentlemen   Ladies    

5 - Place Your Order 

Use the PayPal secure shopping cart or phone in your order. We will liekly be accepting BitCoin and other payment providers in the near future. Please let us know if you have a preferance we do not offer. After paying for your item make certain to follow-up with any necessary measurements or special instructions. When ordering the full shielded protective lining an additional charge will be sent to you via email to cover that fabric cost.  Please make payment when you receive your invoice.

You may also download and fax us the OrderForm.docx or OrderForm.pdf  Once we receive your faxed order we will send you an email with an invoice which will need to be paid before we begin work on your clothes.

Expect Delivery Within Four to Five Weeks, often much sooner depending on current order volume and demand.

All our clothing comes with a complete money back guarantee.

Return Policy

Ottoman Clothier offers a full money back guarantee on all items sold. When sending back any item, please include a copy of your receipt. Indicate the reason for return and whether you would prefer an exchange, credit, or refund. Cutomers are responsible for return postage. Garments must be unmarked, intact, and returned within 30 days of receipt.  Fabric ordered from third party sites are the responsibility of the customer. Upon receipt of a third party fabric that may not be suitable for the type of clothing ordered, we will do our best to contact you before making the clothes and offer you another choice.

Our Promise, Our Goal

We are here to serve a very discerning clientele who are proud of their rich and magnificent heritage and want the world to once again witness the grandeur and beauty of a real human being. Ones outward appearance surly does reflect their inward spirit. We work with each client trying to create a garment suitable for their own tastes and specification. All our clothing is custom tailored to each clients exact measurements.

Baraka la feek!

For the honor of the most honored amongst mankind Saydinah Muhammad (saw).




The RF Protective
Shield Jubba


RF Canopy Shield


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